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* 05.05.1922 in Minden, Germany, 10.01.2014

Studies of Electrical Engineering and Physics, as research activities at the technical wind energy sector; sculptor in wood and designer in metal. In many jears of artistic activities a lot of objects, toys, and artworks came to existance.

National and international exhibitions belonged to his life; purchases by museums and gouvernments pay homage to him.

Sense of his activities are entities, which mostly live by motion, give pleasure, and are easy to understand.

Wooden and metal toys - puzzles - kinetic objects and jewellery from stainless steel

Art in public areas, research in wind energy, construction and building of pottery wheels

Award "Spiel gut" (Germany) / Award "Toy of the year" (Japan) / National and international exhibitions / Awarded designs at contests / purchases by museums and gouvernments

Serial production and distribution of kinetic objects, toys and jewellery were driven by his son Conrad Valett from 1997 to 2012 using the label valett-design. In 2013 Conrad's brother Klaus Valett absorbed valett-design.

Jochen Valett kept busy with design of objects, as shown on this website *). His son Klaus Valett came there to his aid, and since 2013 Klaus is practising valett-art stand-alone.

*) Exceptions: objects in the mainpage lower groups Drive Technolgy and Miscellaneous
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